Monday, July 11, 2011

The End is Nigh

Today I was let go from my job. They were afraid I was posting pictures online that no one knew about and that I was writing too much about them in my blog. Heh. They haven't even looked at my blog and the 4 pictures I have taken with my PHONE are of me, the neon green cleaning solution we use, and dusty feet from a demolition job. Those are posted on facebook and my coworkers have access to seeing them. Something tells me they would have noticed my huge camera on the work site if I were taking pictures. Maybe they think I have some secret blog with pictures of them and personal information about my coworkers and the houses we clean. Seriously, what the fuck.

I "am not a good fit." They feel I would be happier with a job dealing more with dead bodies. It was so nice of them to recommend a "liberal funeral home" that caters to the gay and lesbian community. I wonder why they felt they had to tell me that part. :-/ Oh yeah, and I make a coworker uncomfortable, don't ask me why. Apparently I am a weirdo.

It's embarrassing to loose my job. I really loved this job. If they actually looked at my blog I wonder if it would have been different. They don't seem interesting in checking it out at all though.

My plan is to apply for positions at funeral homes, the medical examiner's office, crematoriums, and other crime scene cleaning companies. My bosses were kind enough to also say I could use them as a reference. They'll just say "the schedule and hours were not a good fit." *sigh* In the future I hope to find work with people that appreciate creativity.


  1. So sorry Caitlin, that's so fucked up. I'm gonna go ahead and say what you're too polite to say. You got fired because your sexuality made a few bigot fucks uncomfortable. Fuck them, fuck their views and fuck their lack of vision.

    You're one of the sweetest, kindest people I know. You didn't deserve that. I know you'll find something better. Keep your head up hun <3

  2. (((((hugs)))) You will find the right place for you Blue darling. I know that it is tough right now, but you are being prepared for something. I can't wait to see what this awesome thing is because you have earned it tenfold in my opinion. Loves you.

  3. <3 I apologize, I haven't been checking blogs lately. Anyways, you know how I feel about this: I'm still just as mad about this from the first time you told me.

    Hang in there and keep working hard. You will get somewhere, might be slow like times now, but you will get there <3

    You're ambitious, sexy, intelligent, lovely, graceful, and thoughtful. You are set for something interesting and much better than the treatment you were given.

    If there's ever something you need - a friendly listener, someone to hug, someone to do funny little crafts with, or someone to explore with - you know where to find me <3